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Our Commitment to the Community

As residents of a small rural community, we are very mindful of the footprint our business activities can leave behind. As business owners, we have an obligation to develop business practices in harmony with our environment, community, and as food producers, we are committed to good food produced within a sustainable framework. We also support […]

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Why we are different

Salt Spring Gelato products have earned a reputation for being of the highest quality in the market today.  As an artisan company we have a mission to produce only enough gelato and sorbetto to service our orders.  Nothing sits on the shelf.  Our Italian ice cream is made with fresh ingredients in small batches so […]

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Become a reseller!

I want some! How can I sell it? APPLICATION FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE So how do you get to offer this spectacular product to your customers?  It is easier than you think!  We offer a range of options to suit your business and would be happy to work with you. Scoop Shoppes  If you are […]

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About Salt Spring Island

About Salt Spring Island What is it about Salt Spring Island that draws so many people to this small community every year? The only people who ask that are people who haven’t been here yet. We all have our own reasons why we love this place so much. Some come here for it’s natural beauty, […]

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outdoor market

Salt Spring Saturday Market

See you at the Market! Come see us at the Salt Spring Saturday Market if you’re in town! We’ll be happy to see you! When on Salt Spring you can have some Salt Spring Gelato at the market or across the street at Harlans.   Check out the many flavours of Gelato and Sorbetto we […]

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How We Test the Flavours

People often ask us how we test our newest flavours before they go into production. Well here is a quick summary of how a flavour such as Salted Caramel goes from an idea to your favourite grocery store, restaurant or scoop shop. First co-owner and resident flavour expect (and smarty pants) Lynn Dawson dreams up […]

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