Our Commitment to the Community

As residents of a small rural community, we are very mindful of the footprint our business activities can leave behind. As business owners, we have an obligation to develop business practices in harmony with our environment, community, and as food producers, we are committed to good food produced within a sustainable framework.


We also support local organizations dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources. Our partnership with the Fruit Tree project is just one example. Our support of the Salt Spring Island Conservancy is another.


We recycle tens of thousands of gallons of water each year. To do this, we had to make a significant investment in equipment. We used this equipment to recycle and it serves no other production process. We do this because of the need to save and preserve our natural resources, especially water.


A responsible food producer respects its sources, chooses ingredients that are sound, seasonally produced, and local when possible. We have always been committed to our community and environment. We are the first carbon neutral ice cream or Gelato Company in Canada. We use offsets from The Vancouver Renewable Energy Cooperative, Climate Friendly, and Carbon Zero . The organizations are involved in sustainable energy projects in Vancouver, throughout Canada, and in various parts of the world. We support organizations like these because we believe in the need for local and global action to confront the challenges facing our world.


We continue to look for opportunities to gather our ingredients from other organizations committed to sound and sustainable practices. We are always looking for new partners who have established themselves as committed to practicing and maintaining sound business practices within the framework of building local economies through sustainable business practices.


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