What is the difference between Ice Cream and Gelato?

Well there’s a great question! Let’s get right to it. There are a few differences for sure. First Ice Cream is made with cream where Gelato is made with milk. Since milk is lower in fat that cream, you’ll get a lower fat product when you choose Gelato.


Secondly, Ice Cream has air injected into it. Lots of air. You don’t see that with Gelato. Gelato is dense and full of flavour. Hold a bowl of Gelato and Ice Cream at the same time, you’ll notice that the Gelato bowl feels much heavier.

Different sorts of Ice Cream in a waffles

Ice Cream must be served colder that Gelato because air is the only thing holding it together. Geez, who wants that? Have you ever noticed how fast Ice Cream melts? Air!

Q. How do you turn a bowl of Gelato into three bowls? A. Make it into Ice Cream.

Here’s a video explaining the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream.




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