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So how do you get to offer this spectacular product to your customers?  It is easier than you think!  We offer a range of options to suit your business and would be happy to work with you.

Scoop Shoppes

gelato franchise

 If you are thinking of opening an ice cream shop or are looking to enhance your existing shop, think of Salt Spring Gelato.  We offer high quality, fresh products as well as personalized service.  Some of the benefits of featuring Salt Spring Gelato:


·         An exceptional product with less fat than ice cream

·         Distinct and unique flavours only available with an artisan product

·         Beautiful presentation options sure to add visual appeal

·         A premium product with a nice profit margin

If you would like assistance with displays and promotional material we can help there too! 

Products available:  5L Flat Pan, 5L Buckets, 12L Buckets

Some of our customers include Swartz Bay Terminal (Sydney), Tsawwassen Terminal (Vancouver), Harlans Chocolates & Gelato (Salt Spring), Daily Scoop (Ft-Langley), Waterfront Grill & Pizzeria (Peach land), Lime and Moon (Bowen Island), Lolly Gobble (Sidney)



enjoy hand made gelato

Find our Gelato and Sorbetto at your favourite restaurant

 Whether you are looking for a unique dessert or to enhance one of your own creations, Salt Spring Gelato is the perfect addition to your menu.  We would be happy to meet with you to discuss the possibilities such as:


·         A signature flavor unique to your establishment

·         The perfect pairing with that popular menu item

·         The use of gelato/sorbetto in your after dinner drinks like espresso

·         Various plating options to spice up your dessert menu and increase sales


The possibilities are endless but the results are the same – an amazing product you will be proud to serve!

Products available:  5L Buckets, 12L Buckets

Some of our customers include Tigh na Mara Resort, Galiano Inn, Salt Spring Inn, The Harbour House, Scoops on Galiano


Retail Groceries and Gourmet Shops

Grocery Store Food

Enjoy Salt Spring Gelato at your local grocery store

Salt Spring Gelato is proud to work with two distributors to make our product available for your freezer shelf. 

We offer a range of flavours, conveniently packed in pints for take home:






Our Gelato Flavours

Our Sorbetto Flavours

Our Organic Gelato Flavours

Our Organic Sorbetto Flavours

We will be expanding the line in the near future to offer even more of our fantastic flavours!




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