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Available in Half Pints, Pints, 5L Pans, 5L Tubs and 12L Tubs.

We source locally grown ingredients within a 100-mile radius so freshness and quality is assured. We go the extra mile for taste, using our own handmade gelato recipes to create custom designed flavours. Our Gelato contains less fat and sugar than commercial brands and has a dense texture and creamy consistency.


In addition to over 80 luscious flavours of low fat gelato we offer fresh fruit sorbetto with an ever-increasing number of varieties to choose from.



We combine fresh island farmed milk and cream from Vancouver with locally grown and quality-imported ingredients. Our flavours include everything from Belgian Chocolate Gelato to Blood Orange Sorbetto. We also hand craft everything on site juicing our own lemons and adding fruit to many of our fruit flavours. We use caramel sauce made on our island and bring in some of the finest chocolate made in the world.



If you’re not convinced that we’re the right choice for you we’ve love the opportunity to demonstrate. Drop us a line, send us an email or knock on our door. We would love to hear from you!



Our Gelato Flavours

Our Sorbetto Flavours

Our Organic Gelato Flavours

Our Organic Sorbetto Flavours


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