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The Flavours!

Enjoy a wide variety of Regular and Organic¬†Gelato and Sorbettos available in Half Pints, Pints, Pans or Tubs.   ¬†Click here to see our Gelato flavours   Click here to see our Sorbetto flavours   Click here to see our Organic Gelato Flavours   Click here to see our Organic Sorbetto flavours Seasonal Gelato Flavours […]

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History of Gelato

THE HISTORY OF GELATO, IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES (YOUTUBE VIDEO) So who invented the Gelato that so many people around the world enjoy today? The exact history is a little fuzzy but we do know that before the Italians were making this treat, an earlier form of the frozen dessert was served in a […]

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How We Test the Flavours

People often ask us how we test our newest flavours before they go into production. Well here is a quick summary of how a flavour such as Salted Caramel goes from an idea to your favourite grocery store, restaurant or scoop shop. First co-owner and resident flavour expect (and smarty pants) Lynn Dawson dreams up […]

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