How We Test the Flavours

People often ask us how we test our newest flavours before they go into production. Well here is a quick summary of how a flavour such as Salted Caramel goes from an idea to your favourite grocery store, restaurant or scoop shop.

First co-owner and resident flavour expect (and smarty pants) Lynn Dawson dreams up a new flavour. If after she’s made it and tried it, she finds it passes her standards she gives out a few tastes to co-workers and friends to try. If Trish, Patti, Ille and anybody else who may have passed by the factory love it then it goes to Dan Dawson the other co-owner of SSG. Now Dan always likes what Lynn makes so we know it’ll go to the next process – the store.

Harlans Chocolates & Gelato

Harlans Chocolates & Gelato is a neighbour and a great customer on Salt Spring. Since 1980, locals and visitors alike have enjoyed our chocolates, confections and, since 2003, our gelato. In fact, Salt Spring Gelato started there before moving to the factory and going wholesale. Is there a better place than Harlans to try our newest gelato?

Pans of Salt Spring Gelato

So, after delivery to Harlans, we watch and listen to see what our customers think. Most people are creatures of habit, choosing their faves before trying a new one so sometimes, it takes a little coaxing to get them to try a new pan. It’s at that point that we know if Lynn has hit another home run or just a single or double.

Enjoying a cone at Harlans

Thus, next time you’re enjoying a cone or cup of Galiano Mudslide or Belgian Chocolate in Salt Spring or anywhere in Canada that our products are sold, remember that Harlans was the testing ground that made it all possible.



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