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Just as we do for our Organic flavours, we source locally grown ingredients within a 100-mile radius when ever possible. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients we can obtain when making our original Gelato and Sorbettos flavours. We look for small artisan producers and incorporate their products into our flavours to create a unique and unmatched product. Our company philosophy is to support small growers, producers, and other businesses in order to build a sustainable business and help others achieve the same goal.

Our passion for Gelato drives us to create new and distinctive flavours all the time. Our customers suggest new flavour combinations to us all the time. We currently make 3 different lavender flavours, ginger and chocolate ginger, 3 different cheesecake flavours, Tiger Butter (white chocolate peanut butter), and amazing chocolate flavours including our Belgian Chocolate. Our Vanilla Bean is made from certified organic vanilla beans.

Our gourmet gelato products are unique in the market today. No one else is using as many locally produced ingredients to create their product as we are. 

Our Gelato Flavours

Our Sorbetto Flavours

Wholesale Gelato

Our Organic Gelato Flavours

Our Organic Sorbetto Flavours

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